Derrick Plumbing of Leesville, SC



Derrick Plumbing was founded in 1952, and incorporated in 1977. Currently, we have 25 employees, 11 work trucks, 5 backhoes, and 6 excavators.


Key Personnel

William C. Derrick: Sales & Estimating billy@derrickplumbing.com

Brad Derrick: Sales & Estimating brad@derrickplumbing.com

Roberta Derrick: Purchasing berta@derrickplumbing.com

Leesha Hall: Accounting leesha@derrickplumbing.com


Employee Licenses

Master Plumbers: 1 –┬áJourneyman Plumbers: 8

Master Gas Fitters: 1 – Journeyman Gas Fitters: 5

Nationally Certified Medical Gas Installers: 2


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